Optical study of back-contacted CIGS solar cells.

N Rezaei, O Isabella, P Procel, Z Vroon, M Zeman (2019).

A novel back-contacted solar cell based on a submicron copper indium gallium (di)selenide (CIGS) absorber is proposed and optically investigated. First, charge carrier collection feasibility is studied by band diagram analysis. Then, two back-contacted configurations are suggested and optimized for maximum current production. The results are
compared with a reference front/back-contacted CIGS solar cell with a 750-nm-thick absorber. Current density production of 38.84 mA/cm2 is predicted according to our simulations for a realistic front-side texturing. This shows more than 38% improvement in optical performance compared to the reference cell and only 7.7% deviation from the theoretical Green absorption benchmark.