The continued adoption of housing systems in the Netherlands: A multiple case study.

Extensive governmental and industry efforts have been devoted to developing innovative housebuilding systems. However, it appears a challenge for housebuilding firms to move beyond their demonstration status and get their housing system adopted at a large scale and over a longer period. This is problematic since worsening developments concerning the environmental impact, poor production efficiency […]

Who is Doing What? Spatial Practices in Refugee Camps –Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

On the background of the Syrian conflict started in 2011, camps were set to host temporarily the waves of displaced Syrians kept flowing inside Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI). Majority of these populations are from Kurdish background, seeking refuge in what they believe to be a part of the “home-land” of the Kurdish Nation. In […]

Changing use and performance of industrial estates from 1965 onward: the case of the Parkstad conurbation, the Netherlands

In the wake of deindustrialization and economic shifts, industrial estates in the Western world have faced strong changes in programmatic demands. While strategically situated urban brownfields have held a central position in contemporary urban design practice and discourses in the past, industrial estates, developed since the 1960s in suburban peripheries, have become central to these […]

Optical study of back-contacted CIGS solar cells.

A novel back-contacted solar cell based on a submicron copper indium gallium (di)selenide (CIGS) absorber is proposed and optically investigated. First, charge carrier collection feasibility is studied by band diagram analysis. Then, two back-contacted configurations are suggested and optimized for maximum current production. The results are compared with a reference front/back-contacted CIGS solar cell with […]

Circular (de) construction in the Superlocal project.

Worldwide, the concept of the circular economy is gaining momentum. Different strategies are investigated for the construction industry to become circular as it is a major player concerning resource consumption, both energy and material related. One of these strategies focusses on qualitative re-use of building components and building materials. To assess the circularity of different […]