What was the DRIVE 0 project about? A full publishable report on the project’s results

«DRIVE 0 – Driving decarbonization of the EU building stock by enhancing a consumer centred and locally based circular renovation process»
The DRIVE 0 project deals with the promotion of strategies for the decarbonisation of the existing building stock through the implementation of deep renovation interventions. The project aims at promoting the adoption of a circular approach in renovation processes that, in order to be attractive and effective, must be based on the customer’s actual needs.
According to the DRIVE 0 approach, circular retrofitting is based on the use of energy from renewable sources and the use of materials from biological or technical cycles, in which waste production is minimised and end-of-life strategies with a positive impact on the environment are envisaged.

‘Crossing multiple solar energy gaps: A Dutch case study on intermediation for building-integrated photovoltaics’

Het artikel geeft inzicht in welke knelpunten er nog zijn in het besluitvormingsproces van huiseigenaren over BIPV, en hoe bemiddeling (intermediation) door formele en informele partijen, zoals de overheid, BIPVNL, architecten, consultants, energy coaches, maar ook vrienden en familie in het sociaal netwerk van huiseigenaren, kunnen bijdragen in de versnelling van de opschaling van BIPV […]