Placemaking in the Urban Living Lab Heerlen and Aurora flat courtyard intervention: learning towards urban vitality in vulnerable and cultural diverse neighbourhoods.

The neighbourhood GMS in Heerlen-Noord suffers from a stigma as a result of the local historical context, i.e. the coal mines closure in the 60s and the consequent social urban challenges ever since. In fact, the neighbourhood is one of the 16 Dutch neighbourhoods that area assigned by the National Government as neighbourhoods that need […]

Justice in social housing: Towards a people-centred energy renovation process.

he annual renovation rate of the existing housing stock must increase rapidly to reach climate neutrality by 2050. This transition will require major investments but will also need to be affordable for everyone. Affordability is especially relevant for vulnerable and low-income households, many of which live in social housing in the Netherlands. Previous studies show […]

(re)CYCLE 6: Follow the light

Voor de 6e jaarlijkse internationale designweek in Heerlen werkten verschillende (inter)nationale universiteiten samen aan ontwerpen om de openbare ruimte in Heerlen toegankelijker en inclusiever te maken. Een van de ontwerpen die geselecteerd werd als beste ontwerp is Follow the light, die te zien is via de link beneden. analyseposter Heerlen