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Living Lab

Living Labs







(re)CYCLE booklet

Abujidi, N.

Publicatie in het boek ‘circulaire economie in de praktijk’over SUPERLOCAL.

Ritzen, M.

Interdigitated back‐contacted structure: A different approach towards high‐efficiency ultrathin copper indium gallium (di) selenide solar cells.

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Small-scale Bioclimatic Prosthesis: A strategy for adaptive social housing based on local spontaneous and socio-environmental patterns in transitional spaces

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Getting innovations adopted in the housing sector.

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Interdigitated back‐contacted structure: A different approach towards high‐efficiency ultrathin copper indium gallium (di) selenide solar cells.

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Assessing the circular re-design of prefabricated building envelope elements for carbon neutral renovation

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What was the DRIVE 0 project about? A full publishable report on the project’s results

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Are energy decisions about energy? A study of homeowners’ decision-making processes in the transition to low-carbon housing in the Netherlands.

W. Broers

Placemaking and the Urban Living Lab for students’ social learning and innovation in education: The case of Heerlen.

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Urban Living Labs between theory and practice: a dialectal reading towards a cyclical hybrid performance model for value creation in context.

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Placemaking in the Urban Living Lab Heerlen and Aurora flat courtyard intervention: learning towards urban vitality in vulnerable and cultural diverse neighbourhoods.

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The Urban Living Lab as tool for introducing circularity in the everyday life of vulnerable neighbourhoods: Case study Kerkrade-West, the Netherlands.

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Degrowth als ontwikkelperspectief voor ‘capabilitygebaseerde’ ruimtelijke rechtvaardigheid.

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The future is WOOW

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Not all homeowners are alike: a segmentation model based on a quantitative analysis of Dutch adopters of residential photovoltaics.

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Justice in social housing: Towards a people-centred energy renovation process.

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(re)CYCLE 6: Follow the light

C. van Erven (2022).

(re)CYCLE 5: Yellow bird

(re)CYCLE 5: Bridge the gap

Adrian May, Parisa Ghanbarifard, Niraj Babu Shrestha, Haifa Saleh, Wisam Murad, Kjell Ploumen, Redouan Oudahab, Fuad Altashi, Job Bruls, Soma Sharaf

Aurora challenge 2021 – Uitkomst

Crossing multiple solar energy gaps: A Dutch case study on intermediation for building-integrated photovoltaics

Broers, W., Kemp, R., Vasseur, V., Abujidi, N., & Vroon, Z (2023).

The living lab concept, as intermediary platform, for sustainable neighbourhood development in the province of Limburg, the Netherlands.

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Bachelor Thesis Urban Living Labs

Environmental impact evaluation of energy saving and energy generation: case study for two Dutch dwelling types Building and Environment

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Comparative performance assessment of a non-ventilated and ventilated BIPV rooftop configurations in the Netherlands Solar Energy.

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(re)CYCLE Limburg 2 , A co-design approach for transforming public spaces in Kerkrade West.

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Advanced light management techniques for two-terminal hybrid tandem solar cells

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Are energy decisions about energy?

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Circular (de) construction in the Superlocal project.

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IOP Publishing

Decided or Divided? An empirical analysis of the decision-making process of Dutch homeowners for energy renovation measures.

Broers, W., Vasseur, V., Kemp, R, Abujidi, N, Vroon, Z. (2019)
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